Bolduc Pavers SALE

Discover all the range of the residential paving stone Bolduc which distinguishes itself by its variety of trendy and esthetic choice, his(her,its) colors and his(her,its) finish.

225,000 sq’ ft. and more from 2022 inventory material at 2022 old time pricing  

Colors available = Ice Gray, Onyx Gray, Ivory Beige, Travertine Beige, Gray and Charcoal

Plus de 225,000 pieds carré d’un inventaire de produit de 2022 vendu au vieux prix de 2022

Couleurs disponible = Gris Glacier, Gris Onyx, Beige Ivoire, Beige Travertin, Gris et Charbon

Onyx Gray

Glacier Gray

Ivory Beige

Travertine Beige

Gray and Charcoal