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oil remover

Oil-Off is a specially formulated industrial strength degreaser that breaks down oil and grease on contact. It is biodegradable and garden friendly. Oil-Off is super concentrated so that it may be diluted with water 1:1, (one part Oil-Off to one part water) for less serious stains. It is multi-purpose and can be used on paving stones, concrete, asphalt, tires and rims, car engines and barbecues.

grease remover

SEAL KING’s Grease Release is a solvent based cleaner. It is specially formulated to remove oil, tar, coal tar, latex print, adhesives, rubber and acrylic driveway sealers from concrete surfaces.

Rust remover

Seal King’s Rust Remover is specially formulated to remove stubborn rust stains from paving stones and concrete

Efflorescence Cleaner

SEAL KING’s Efflorescence Cleaner is specially formulated to remove ground in dirt and efflorescence (whitish salt) from paving stones.

Laquer Thinner

Seal King’s Laquer Thinner is used to clear up any blushing or whiteness of sealer due to moisture. This product can be used to strip sealer from paving stone and concrete

strip all

Seal King’s Strip-All helps remove old or tainted sealer from surfaces. Just apply, wait and remove. This product can be used to strip sealer from paving stone and concrete.

easy strip

easy strip

Seal Kings’ Easy Strip is an easy to use, high performance environmentally friendly, multi purpose gel stripper. It effectivelly removes old and tainted sealer and multiple layers of paint, varnish, enamel, acrylics, stain and urethanes from most surfaces.

Safe, Low odor and biodegradable, removes multiple coating of: LEAD-BASED PAINTS, URETHANES, POLYURETHANES, LATEX, ENAMELS, VARNISH, ACRYLICS, SEALERS, and many more.

Wood Protection

wood sealerSeal King’s Wood Sealer is a translucent (semi-transparent with color) oil alkyd sealer specially formulated to penetrate deep in to the exterior wood surface, protecting the wood from rain, UV rays, snow, mildew and fungus,leaving a beautiful and lasting finish. Wood Sealer can be applied on most types of wood including pressure treated wood, pine, cedar and redwood

Title 1

Seal King’s Wood Stripper is designed to remove most stains or existing finishes off of wood surfaces thus preparing the wood for step 2 of the (SPS) Program.

Title 2

Seal King’s Wood Conditioner is designed to neutralize the wood stripper. It is easy to use and allows for the next step in the surface preparation system (SPS) program.

Title 3

Seal King’s Wood Wash removes weathered grey look from wood surfaces and prepares it for continued protection.