Skidded stone

Landscape Boulders

SBQ Boulder
Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, boulders are used extensively in park settings as functional design elements and in erosion control/bank retention designs.

Bright & Refreshing

QCottageWallA rugged limestone that projects a strong and robust look, ideal for the aged look common to many restorative efforts or fresh split for a new build. Natural weathered faces and blue-gray split faces are complimented by black speckles and white crystal highlights in some pieces.

Rugged & Textured

QashA medium to coarse grain, weathered granite featuring brown, blue, and earth tone surface colors with split faces showing a blend of blue, burgundy, pink, green, brown, black and white. Mica flecks, garnet inclusions, and quartz crystals also highlight a percentage of this stone.

Garden Steppers

CSL_0106Once referred to as heavy flagging, garden steppers are thicker than irregular flagging and may be used in areas of limited vehicle traffic and/or heavy foot traffic.

Slab Material

16Used extensively in the creation of parks, steps, and waterscapes, slabs are thicker and generally longer than garden steppers.

Warm & Inviting

15A quartzitic sandstone with an advancing and receding surface that resembles a windswept and sandy beach. Visually smooth, yet heavily textured with a blend of tan, antique white, ice blue, amber, and brown. South Bay Quartzite® will enhance any home from warm beach cottages to cozy cabins deep in the woods.

Wall Stone

14Larger, blocky pieces of stone used for exterior free-standing walls. When installed, the stone will exhibit both seam and split faces. Typically blended with other products for ease of installation and a custom look.

Irregular Flagging Stone

6Generally used for limited foot traffic areas such as patios, walkways, and around pools. Flagging stone is irregular (mosaic) in shape and exhibits the seam face of the stone. Also used as cap material for landscape walls.

Thin Wall Stone

4Thinner, smaller pieces of stone with depths typically less than that of other wall stones. Ideal for low exterior walls. Often blended with other products for ease of installation and a unique finished appearance.

An elegant, enduring, medium to coarse grain granite featuring 70% Hudson River blue with a mixture of green, black, pink, brown, burgundy, and white. A small percentage has black speckles throughout consisting of red and black garnet inclusions and quartz crystals.