Environmental Solutions

Environmental Solutions
SmartCast Rooftop Paving

AquaPave® Permeable Paving System:

a paving system we can all live with
Urban expansion and rapid stormwater run-off is placing tremendous strain on conventional stormwater drainage systems. Existing storm drains, sewers and culverts are becoming overloaded during periods of heavy rain, resulting in contamination of natural water resources. Heavy metals, hydrocarbons, rubber dust, silts and other pollutants are deposited on impermeable surfaces during dry periods. These contaminants are scoured off during periods of heavy rain and transported either to sewage treatment facilities or directly into our rivers and streams, causing severe environmental damage, pollution, poor groundwater quality and overtaxed sewer systems.
The AquaPave Permeable On-Site Stormwater Source Control System

Inbitex Geotextile

The AquaPave sustainable drainage system allows heavy rains to infiltrate through a permeable interlocking concrete paver surface at an astonishing rate. Rainwater drains into a unique sub-base where a layer of Inbitex® geotextile cleans the water, removing most pollutants before releasing it in a controlled manner into the ground below, directing it to existing sewers or capturing it for water harvesting and re-use.

The AquaPave system improves groundwater quality while reducing or eliminating the need for stormwater ponds, infiltration trenches, drains and bioswales. In addition, AquaPave pavers are ADA compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act), making the system ideal for industrial and commercial use, retail centers and parking lots, pedestrian plazas and walkways, residential developments, and any other high traffic, public areas.

The introduction of AquaPave to Navascape’s product offering provides an environmentally sensitive paving solution and is an important advancement toward achieving our goal of becoming the market leader in the provision of sustainable products and services.

A selection of rooftop paving products for elegant, environmental and functional rooftop patios and terraces

SmartCast Clean

600 x 600 x 50 mm
23.62 x 23.62 x 1.97 in
Features and Benefits
  • A highly solar reflective (test results in excess of 86 SRI), smog-eating and self-cleaning tile for cleaner, greener living
  • High reflectivity reduces absorption of heat from the sun, reducing energy costs
  • TX Active photocatalytic cement converts atmospheric pollutants to harmless salts, improving air and water quality
  • Photocatalytic action prevents pollutants from building up on the surface of the tile, keeping them clean and white while maintaining reflective and self-cleaning properties indefinitely
  • Suitable for use with any rooftop pedestal system or can be ordered with our built-in pedestal option
Available Colours



Control erosion and groundwater runoff with Turfstone
Turfstone Turfstone 100
398 x 598 x 100 mm
15.67 x 23.54 x 3.93 in
Turfstone Turfstone 80
398 x 598 x 80 mm
15.67 x 23.54 x 3.15 in
Features and Benefits
  • An environmental paving concept designed to address groundwater management and erosion control
Available Colors