Made in Canada Handmade EPA


Everest by Nordica


Specification sheet
strong>Everest 2500 2000
CSA B.415 Less than 4.5 g/h Less than 4.5 g/h
Recommended surface 500 TO 2,500 ft2 500 TO 2,000 ft2
Firebox volume
4 ft3 2.6 ft3
BTU 70,000 50,000
Log length 22 in 16 in
Installed with a chimney 7 in 6 in



Retractable cast-iron doors: gold — silver — black
Horizontal moulding for façade edges: gold — silver
Plain or hammered grille front: tribal, twists or twists with rods
Hot air gravity kit optional
Central forced air kit
Variable speed fan and thermostat control optional
Self-cleaning ceramic glass
Ash pan
Rigid fire screen with door