Chimney caps

Gelco Chimney Caps

Gelco manufactured the very first stainless steel chimney cap, setting a standard for innovation, quality, durability and customer service. That standard has lead them to the development of the first Easy-Clean cap which allows the flue to be swept without removing the cap; the first multi-flue chimney cap with hinged tabs for easy and versatile installation options; and, the first widely distributed flue-stretcher cap for curing down draft problems associated with insufficient chimney height.

But what sets Gelco caps apart from all other chimney caps is the unmistakable quality with which they are made. All Gelco cap lids are cross braced for additional strength. The deep double channel base on our single flue caps also provides superior strength.

Our stainless steel and copper caps come with a no nonsense lifetime warranty.

Our galvanized caps are the only galvanized caps in the industry that come with a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials.

These are quality caps from top to bottom. We’ve even neatly trimmed off the screen barbs on our multi-flue caps to protect the hands of the installer.

Gelco Manufacturing Chimney Cap Product offering consists of:

Single-Flue Caps

Single-flue caps:

  • Solid individually
  • Multi packs of 3 or 6
  • California mesh & corners for oval flues

Multi-Flue Caps

Multi-flue caps

  • Fully Assembled
  • Chimney protectors (with Swing Tabs)
  • Semi-custom
  • Knock downs

Specialty Caps

Specialty Caps

  • EasyClean
  • Flue Stretcher
  • Custom Order
Material Benefits
304 Alloy Stainless Steel • Rust proof
• Best value
• Always recommended
Galvanized Steel • Least expensive
• Easy to paint
Copper • Rust proof
• Decorative


Mesh Size When To Use
3/4″ • Most commonly used
5/8″ • Used in CA & other state requiring stricter spark arrestors (AZ, NV, parts of OK)