Reduces Excavating & Installs Quickly
Thanks to its unique abilities of deflecting weight and confining soil, GridForce geocells can typically reduce the amount of excavating required for a project, by a lot. You’ll also reduce the time and money you spend on each project by installing GridForce quickly with the easy and effective lug-and-slot attachment.
Depending on the type of soil encountered on the site, We can consult on your project and help you maximize the performance of your GridForce system. Whether you’re after ground reinforcement, erosion control or building a solid permeable structure(regardless of the finishing surface), we want to help!

100% Recycled Plastic (LDPE)

Strong. Recycled. LDPE.

Other grids claim to be made from recycled plastic, but it’s important to know which plastic they are composed of specifically. HDPE grids tend to be stiff and brittle, especially in low temperatures.

GridForce geocells are made from a special blend of plastic exclusively, called Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE). LDPE plastic is found in heavy-duty plastic bags. the advantage of using this plastic specifically is because it remains malleable in both extreme cold and warm weather.

Another unique aspect that makes GridForce the premium geocell, is the manufacturing method called injection moulding. This is a meticulous and slightly more lengthy manufacturing method that results in you getting a more durable grid. In fact, we’re so confident in how well GridForce is made, that we include a 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty* with your purchase.