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Tap into cool! What could possibly make an ultra-cool Northstar fridge even cooler? That’s right… fresh, cold draft beer!

You can order your Northstar fridge with a factory-installed BrewMaster draft system; including through-the-door tap dispenser, coupler, connections, CO2 cylinder, retro-flame splash plate and drip tray. Add a keg of your favorite brew, pull the tap, sit back and chill.

Keg and fittings can be removed to utilize full fridge functionality.













Elmira range

The latest advance in the way things used to be…

The Fireview is a high-efficiency, air-tight woodburning cookstove that is perfect for home, cottage or camp. It serves as a high-output room heater, a cooking appliance, an attractive fire-viewing woodstove and, with an optional water jacket, a source of hot water… all using a renewable resource. For even more cooking versatility, add the optional side gas burners.

Fireview woodburning cookstoves… efficiency and styling you can really warm up to!

Innovation and originality


Innovation and originality…

Elmira is constantly upgrading the styling and performance of its products, yet the company remains committed to maintaining the authenticity and craftsmanship that sets them apart. In 2011, Tom Hendrick was inducted into the National Kitchen & Bath Association Hall of Fame as one of the industry’s leading innovators. It may seem like an unusual business plan – recreate from the past, with an eye to the future – but it’s a plan that has succeeded for Elmira Stove Works for almost four decades

black copper door

The ultimate in customization… each Elmira Stove Works appliance is custom crafted to your request. Choose the model, color, options and accents that suit your personal style and your cooking style. Our ranges offer several hundred combinations of styles, colors and features, and will truly be the focal point and center piece of your kitchen.



Full-size Oven

Enjoy the advantages of a full-size self-cleaning oven without sacrificing the look of a vintage two-door range. The front panel displaying the “fire door”, “oven door” and “ash catch” conceals the full-size oven behind. Choose from:

  • 4.3 cubic foot self-cleaning electric oven
    4.0 cubic foot self-cleaning true convection electric oven
    4.0 cubic foot self-cleaning gas oven

True Convection


“True convection” – at the push of a button, the standard oven converts to convection mode. A third heating element surrounding the convection fan circulates air evenly throughout the oven. Cooking times are reduced up to 25%, and you can bake five racks* of cookies / three racks of muffins perfectly at consistent temperatures. True convection is an available option on all electric ranges, and standard on “STE” smoothtop models

Ranges – Available Cooktops


Choose from traditional cast electric elements, high-speed radiant elements under ceramic smoothtops, high-efficiency sealed gas burners – or combinations of the three. Prefer a gas top and electric oven? You’ll love our “dual fuel” options.


*Three racks supplied – additional racks available.

Sealed Gas Burners
Pilotless sealed gas burners are rated at 8,000, 12,000 and 15,000 (“Superburner”) BTU’s*. Adjust simmer settings as low as 450 BTU’s. Safety feature: automatic spark ensures constant heat – re-ignites, even at lowest setting. Burners light at any knob position.
*BTU ratings based on natural gas.
“Ultra Temp” Cast Elements
Cast elements adjust temperature slightly more slowly than smoothtops, but cooking is very uniform. These elements resemble traditional cookstove firebox “lids”. Temperature limiters reduce power to the burner in the event of a pot boiling dry.
Smoothtop Electric Burners
High-speed radiant elements under a ceramic cooktop provide virtually instant heat, uniform cooking and easy clean up. Heat is directed vertically so only the cooking zone gets hot. Infinite controls allow you to “fine tune” burners for precision cooking. Temperature limiters reduce heat in the event of a boil-dry.


Model 850-STE

cooktop-850-STE•two 6″ 1,500 Watt radiant elements
•one 8″ 2,000 Watt radiant element
•one 9″ 2,500 Watt “Superburner”
•controls hidden in upper cabinet
•20% more cooking / work surface.

Model 855-STE

cooktop-855-STEthree 6″ 1,500 Watt radiant elements
•two 8″ 2,000 Watt radiant elements
•one 9″ 2,500 Watt “Superburner”
•controls hidden in upper cabinet
•20% more cooking / work surface.

Model 1850-5

cooktop-1850-5two 6″ 1,500 Watt “Ultra Temp” elements
•two 8″ 2,000 Watt “Ultra Temp” elements.

Model 1855-5

cooktop-1855-5three 6? 1,500 Watt “Ultra Temp” elements
•three 8? 2,000 Watt “Ultra Temp” elements.

Models 1860 & 1870

cooktop-1860-1870two 8,000 BTU gas burners
•one12,000 BTU gas burner
•one 15,000 BTU “Superburner”.

Refrigerators – Models

A fridge for your lifestyle and cooking style. Our French door models offer the convenience of double-door access to fresh foods, along with a choice of 24.8 cubic feet of capacity (full-depth Model 1898) or the built-in look of our 19.8 cubic foot cabinet-depth Model 1899. Both feature ice makers and filtered water dispensers standard. If you need to fit your fridge into a 30? wide cabinet opening, our Model 1896 30? fridge provides 18.5 cubic feet of capacity, with a bottom mount freezer.
Model 1896
18.5 Cu. Ft. Bottom Freezer
Shown in Black with optional Nickel Door Frames
Model 1898 / 1899
24.8 / 19.8 Cu. Ft. French Door
Shown in White with optional Nickel Door Frames

The Model 1895

Elmira microwave
microwave (show in black) is a deluxe 2.2 cubic foot 1200 Watt microwave that matches the rest of the Elmira Antique product line. It features a removable turntable, 10 power levels, turbo-defrost and five-stage programmable cooking. Inverter technology delivers delicious flavor, excellent color and superb texture.

Available in five colors, plus Black/White and Black/Bisque combinations; with optional Nickel, Antique Copper or Antique Brass door frame.

Overall dimensions: 14? H x 24? W x 20? D
Cabinet dimensions* (minimum): 14-1/4? H x 24-1/4? W x 24? D
Net weight: 36 lb.

* Model 1895 is designed as a countertop unit. If you choose to build it into your cabinets, allow a minimum of 30 square inches of ventilation space around the face of the unit – top, sides and front. This can be accomplished with open space, louvers, slots, etc.

Complete your vintage-styled kitchen with a matching Antique dishwasher panel. Model 1893 panels fit most fully integrated panel-ready model 24? wide dishwashers that accept panels approximately 30-5/16? x 23-1/2?. Our panels weigh approximately 17.5 pounds.

Available in Black, White, Bisque, Cayenne Pepper Red and Liberty Blue; with a choice of optional Nickel, Antique Copper or Antique Brass door frame.
“Fully integrated” means the controls are on top of the door, out of sight, when the dishwasher is closed. “Panel-ready model” means the dishwasher is designed to accommodate a custom panel. Check with your dealer to ensure your dishwasher will accommodate a panel with the specifications noted above.

Wall ovenThe 1880 wall oven is a must for people who require extra capacity. This 5.0 cubic foot self-cleaning convection oven can be installed in a wall or island. Available in Black, White, Bisque, Cayenne Pepper Red, Liberty Blue, Black / White combination and Black / Bisque combination. Optional trim in Antique Brass or Antique Copper, and optional door frames in Nickel, Antique Brass or Antique Copper.

Red wall oven