Vermont Casting

Vermont Castings provides more than heat. It’s the warmth that unites. The timeless designs and furniture-quality finish set the scene for intimate memories.


The Encore provides more than heat: it’s a skillfully crafted, timeless piece of furniture. Great design bridges beauty and utility, and a finely-fashioned exterior with classic curves and smooth cast iron finish complements features made with care.

Function is an art of its own, and our dedication to the wood stove experience results in components designed with convenience in mind. 

Appliance Width:27″
Appliance Height:25-3/4″
Appliance Depth1:22-3/4″
Peak BTU/hr Output2:48,000
Heating Capacity3:900 – 2,300 sq ft
Maximum Burn Time4:12 hrs
Firebox Capacity:2.3 cu ft
Recommended Log Length:18″
Efficiency5:LHV 83%, HHV 77%
Emissions:1.1 grams/hour


Fearless and resolute, this timeless beauty delivers steady overnight heat even on the fiercest of winter nights. Unwavering and steadfast, yet flexible; exclusive FlexBurn technology provides the option to burn with a catalyst for maximum efficiency. A cast-iron griddle top and optional cooking grill helps you connect around food and flame all year long.

Appliance Width:23-1/16″
Appliance Height:25-3/4″
Appliance Depth1:25-5/8″
Fuel Type:Wood
Peak BTU/hr Output2:45,500
Heating Capacity3:800 – 2,000 sq ft
Maximum Burn Time4:11 hours
Firebox Capacity:1.8 cubic feet
Recommended Log Length:16″
Efficiency5:LHV: 83%(Cat), 82%(NC) HHV:78%(Cat), 77%(NC)
Emissions:1.2 g/hr (Catalytic) 1.1 g/hr (Non-Catalytic)


Compact yet strong, the Aspen® wood stove adds warmth and style to intimate spaces. When every element is meticulously crafted, quality speaks for itself. With no manual controls, this is the simplest stove you will ever operate.

Appliance Width:16″
Appliance Height:25-1/16″
Appliance Depth1:24-1/2″
Peak BTU/hr Output2:35,200
Heating Capacity3:400 – 1,200 sq ft
Maximum Burn Time4:10 hrs
Firebox Capacity:1.25 cu ft
Recommended Log Length:16″
Efficiency5:LHV 81%, HHV 75%
Emissions:1.9 grams/hour


Beauty meets versatility. Defined by thoughtful design, cast iron styling and authentic embers, the Vermont Castings Direct Vent gas stoves achieve a timeless look. Multiple finish and control options create the stove that’s right for your home.

Vermont Castings’ craftsmanship is on display with the Stardance. Select from the standard touchscreen remote or optional IntelliFire® app, for the solution that fits your life.

Appliance Width:25-1/2″
Appliance Height:26-3/4″
Appliance Depth1:14-1/2″
BTU/hr Input:20,000 – 28,000



Steady State:81.0%
Canada EnerGuide:58.4%

Mont Pellier

Watching the flames and feeling the warmth of a wood fire is an experience that never gets old. The Montpelier II wood insert maintains that timeless appeal and highlights large, unobstructed views of the fire, turning your existing, drafty fireplace into an efficient centerpiece. Proudly crafted and casted by our artisans in Vermont, where no detail is too small, no element insignificant.

Appliance Width:31-1/2″
Appliance Height:23-1/8″
Appliance Depth1:17-5/8″
Front Width Minimum Firebox Opening:32″
Height Minimum Firebox Opening:23-3/8
Depth Minimum Firebox Opening:17-7/8″
Back Width Minimum Firebox Opening:24-1/8″
Fuel Type:Wood
Peak BTU/hr Output2:56,000
Heating Capacity3:1,000 – 2,400 sq ft
Maximum Burn Time4:7 hrs
Firebox Capacity:2.4
Recommended Log Length:20″
Efficiency5:LHV 77%, HHV 71%
Emissions:1.9 grams/hour


The Defiant provides more than heat: it’s a skillfully crafted, timeless piece of American history. In fact, the last original Defiant Parlor Stove is located in the Smithsonian’s National History collection. Named over 40 years ago to “defy the wintery blast,” today’s Defiant does that and more.

Appliance Width:32-3/8″
Appliance Height:28-7/8″
Appliance Depth1:23-3/4″
Peak BTU/hr Output2:56,000
Heating Capacity3:1,300 – 2,800 sq ft
Maximum Burn Time4:14 hrs
Firebox Capacity:3.2 cu ft
Recommended Log Length:20″
Efficiency5:LHV 84%, HHV 78%
Emissions:1.3 grams/hour


Compact and efficient, the distinguished Intrepid wood stove offers the classic warmth and timeless beauty synonymous with Vermont Castings, now with the convenience of FlexBurn Technology. The style and strength of 100% cast iron construction, combined with features not found often on stoves of this size, put the Intrepid FlexBurn in a class of its own. When paired with the optional catalytic performance pack, it becomes the cleanest burning wood stove ever certified by the EPA.

Appliance Width:22-3/8″ (568mm)
Appliance Height:25-3/4″ (654mm)
Appliance Depth1:22-7/8″ (581mm)
Peak BTU/hr Output2:37,000
Heating Capacity3:600-1,800 sq ft
Maximum Burn Time4:8 hrs
Firebox Capacity:1.3 cu ft
Recommended Log Length:14″
Efficiency5:LHV:83%(Cat), 80%(NC) HHV:77%(Cat), 74%(NC)
Emissions:Catalytic: 0.3 g/hr; Non-Catalytic: 0.6 g/hr