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STONEarch is the largest wholesale distributor of natural stone products in North America. Our product range includes landscaping stones, architectural cut stone, building stones, masonry stone, and custom stone products. STONEarch consistently delivers high-quality products for commercial, residential, and municipal projects.

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Ground reinforcement happens as a result of the superior cellular confinement you get when using GridForce 3D geocells. With a range of 5 different models and three different thicknesses (30mm, 40mm and 50mm), you’re sure to find the best product for your project. All models have a distinct quality and advantage for certain projects. If you need help finding the right grid, we’re happy to assist you.

GridForce was originally designed in the early 1990’s as a strong permeable alternative to weak asphalt and expensive concrete. Millions of square feet have now been installed across the planet because of its ability to support tremendous amounts of weight and because we’re realizing more and more how important it is to deal with storm water immediately where it lands.
GridForce is more than 90% open area, and when filled with clean/clear crushed stone is one of the most permeable surfaces you can invest in today. To make it even better for the environment, our geocells are made from strong recycled plastics(LDPE) and are fully recyclable as well.

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pd-refrigeratorpd-rangesTap into cool! What could possibly make an ultra-cool Northstar fridge even cooler? That’s right… fresh, cold draft beer!

You can order your Northstar fridge with a factory-installed BrewMaster draft system; including through-the-door tap dispenser, coupler, connections, CO2 cylinder, retro-flame splash plate and drip tray. Add a keg of your favorite brew, pull the tap, sit back and chill.